BK Carving

BK Carving

BK Carving goanna

An entertaining feature at this year's Field Days is chainsaw sculptor Brandon Kroon. come and watch hime at work as he transforms large piecs of timber into works of art. As Brendon says on his web site: "Creating inspiring works of art and bringing wood form to life is what chainsaw sculpture is all about."

Transformed tree stump carvingPelican, fish and wave carving

Located southeast of Melbourne in Drouin, Brandon has done a wide selection of artworks through Australia, competed in the National Carving Championship four times running and has attended many shows and demonstrations along the way.

BK Carving examples

For more information about Brendan and many examples of his work just visit his web site BK-Carving or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BKCarving/.

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