Snake Pit Talks

Proudly presented by Black Snake Productions

Copperhead snake

Black Snake Productions is a Yarra Valley based wildlife education and conservation business, with extensive knowledge of local harmless and venomous wildlife. Black Snake Productions' exciting and interactive talks and wildlife handling is always a popular attraction at all the field days they attend.

During the day Black Snake will also have more friendly animals such as pythons, lizards and crocodiles for people to touch and interact with.

Snake handling demonstration

Taipan handling in the snake pit2018 will be Black Snake Productions' twelth year operating and they will be at the Wandin Silvan Field Days to offer a qualified and educational series of snake safety presentations to help locals understand theses potentially dangerous animals.

Lexie has no problem checking out the snake displayThey will also explain how to safely act around them and why snakes are important. they will also be covering first aid on snake and spider bites including what to and not to do.

Coastal Taipan