Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society

Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society

The Blackstone Oil Engine

One of the popular displays at Wandin-Silvan Field Days is the Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society's exhibition of working machinery from days gone by. Lovingly restored by dedicated members, the sight, sound and smell of these machines from the past entertains both young and old.

See this year's display and find inspiration from old time trades and view vintage engines rebuilt by our members who have the skills, passion and knowledge of an era long ago. The engines are operated by our members and can be seen working on event days or for group tours by arrangement. Also on permanent display are old household items, engineering equipment, agricultural gear & etc.

The Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society was formed during 1988, combining the interests of a small group of enthusiasts with a common goal, the preservation and restoration of old machinery, particularly internal combustion engines. Our members are skilled in many forms of metal working practices, including casting of metals, manufacturing replacement parts, welding, blacksmithing & etc. These skills and interests are being passed from member to member. YVMPS assists many groups within the community by displaying at local agricultural field days, community festivals and historical events.

YVMPS - Field Days machinery displayYVMPS power log saw


YVMPS welcomes your interest, whether as a potential member or just sharing your family heritage with our members at a festival or the club shed at Mont De Lancey historic homestead in Wandin. Juniors (min. 10 years old.) are encouraged to join and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available to assist in gaining some of these older skills.

YVMPS power log sawYVMPS - Field Days machinery display


For more information visit us at the Field Days or visit us at our website: yvmps.org.au where you can find a Membership Application form.