SpikeMaster 1000 Pty Ltd's Dingo Log Splitter

SpikeMaster 1000 Pty Ltd

Dingo Log Splitter

An Australia company, SpikeMasters 1000, have introduced the new Dingo Log Splitter with a new kindling attachment. Operators can split tough ironbark then split it into lucrative kindling. Never has a log splitter been so versatile.

Designed in Australia to handle Australian hardwood. It features quality build in Europe with a competitive price. Available in petrol or electric versions and 1000 satisfied customers. The Dingo Log Splitter has many possibilities so come and see it first hand at our display.

For more information contact Marjan Krajnc on mobile: 0420 513 883, email: info@spikemaster.com.au or visit spikemaster.com.au/

Dingo log splitter with 6-way log bladeDingo log splitter with kindling blades

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